11 Children’s Rights to Quality Care

We believe that all children should be provided protection, quality care, and basic human provisions and rights.

We develop programs, assess orphanages and define our objectives based on the following standards:

    1The right to protection from abuse (including physical, emotional and sexual)
    2The right to safe shelter with power (electric or solar) and running water
    3The right to nurturing care and adult guidance
    4The right to nutritious food and clean drinking water
    5The right to education
    6The right to dignity and social justice
    7The right to a comfortable and safe place to sleep
    8The right to healthcare
    9The right to develop passions and interests vocationally, recreationally and culturally through the arts and music
    10The right to be an active part of their community, including having opportunities to serve and give back
    11The right to emotional healing and spiritual development

Committed to Orphaned and Abandoned Children

It’s all about Empowering and Equipping…Purpose and Possibilities.

Now and for Future Generations.

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