Core Values:  7 Pillars of Our Commitment

We are a values-led organization and the following defines our standards, beliefs, and our moral compass. Angels 2 Angels exists based on these powerful principals and pillars of commitment. As a trusted charitable organization, we promise to deliver:

1 MISSION-CENTRIC PROGRAMS – We run purposeful programs that are clearly defined based on our objectives. Programs are the heart of what we do, and we put the kids’ well–being and their future, first in every decision we make.

2 MEASURABLE IMPACT – Our programs will have measurable impact and results, all of which will be publicly shared.

3 STRATEGIC PLANNING – Our organization makes strategic decisions. There is a why behind ever effort, every program, and every dollar spent. Equally important, there is also a how that paves the way to a distinct destination or objective.

4 SUSTAINABILITY – We selectively invest in projects that help ensure the highest quality of care and offer long-term benefits within the orphanage, itself. We are committed to programs that are not only purposeful, but offer solutions towards sustainability that make great impact for the children today, and also for generations to come.

5 100% / FINANCIAL STEWARDSHIP – We believe we have a responsibility to our donors and supporters to be transparent with our finances, which is why are committed to upholding the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability. We also protect your charitable giving by carefully assessing orphanages before we invest in them (beyond providing emergency aid). When you give, your donation goes 100% to what you have designated it for. We have non-salaried management, and our minimal operating expenses are offset through a charitable trust and corporate donors. In fact, our Directors and many of our Leadership team even help personally fund many of our programs.
So inquire. Ask questions. We want you to be comfortable with your contributions.

6 A CAN-DO ATTITUDE – We make things happen despite challenges and obstacles. We are not afraid of long hours and hard work. Through strategic planning, creative problem-solving, a strong team dynamic, and resourcefulness, our programs are efficiently executed.

7 TEAMWORK THROUGH A SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIP, PARTNERSHIP AND INCLUSION – We operate with a spirit of inclusion and partnership, and with strong decisive leadership. We could not do this work without wonderful and purpose-driven partners, volunteers, supporters and donors. Our Board, Advisory Council, Ambassadors, and Volunteer Leaders all operate with the same values, and together, we propel positive action and results.

Committed to Orphaned and Abandoned Children

It’s all about Empowering and Equipping…Purpose and Possibilities.

Now and for Future Generations.

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Angels 2 Angels is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Certified Charitable
Organization: # 82-1104153

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