Transforming Orphanages Into Homes of Excellence

Once an orphanage is assessed and passes our defined criteria, we invest in programs that transform an orphanage into something much more valuable…A “Home of Excellence” — filled with love and opportunities, and ensuring that the highest international standards of quality care is provided to the children.

We work with Orphanage Directors who have proven to be good stewards of resources and carry the same values and commitment in providing the best care and opportunities to the kids.  We believe that a “Home of Excellence” will provide stability and comfort, a warm bed, a safe and protected structure, nutritious food and clean water, quality education, and top quality caretakers that instill family values, give emotional and physical support, offer recreational and cultural opportunities, a spiritual foundation, and opportunities to give back and serve their own community. Additionally, we develop programs that offer long-term sustainability.

Most importantly, we create strong partnerships, trust and respect with these Directors, and carefully mentor and monitor progress, andhelp them overcome obstacles. Only through this approach, can we can instill excellence, which then allows these homes the resources and means to provide quality care to even more children in need.

Together, with you our supporters, our leadership team, and the Orphanage Directors, we can make miracles happen and provide the best for the children, by creating these “Homes of Excellence”Not just for today, but for generations to come.

Committed to Orphaned and Abandoned Children

It’s all about Empowering and Equipping…Purpose and Possibilities.

Now and for Future Generations.

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