Our Programs & Key Initiatives

Our Programs Make Miracles Happen!
    • Heart & Sol – Our solar power installations help offset electric bill and sustainability at the orphanages — not only for now, but for years to come. A true demonstration of sustainability in action.
      We have four solar installations targeted for the next 12 months 
    • Miracle Making Education Programs
  • A2A supports academic and vocational training to bring education and employable skills and trades to the forefront for these young people. Education is crucial to our effort, to help break the cycle of poverty.

      • School Supply & Backpack Distribution
      • Miracle Makers Education Sponsorship – Sponsor a Child To Provide Their Uniform, Shoes and Other Items Needed to Attend and Succeed In School
      • Angel Wings Scholarships – Scholarship program to cover tuition for High School & College University/Vocational Training
      • Computer Labs – In-orphanage program
      • Tutoring & Transportation Help
    • Food Sustainability Programs –

    We run ongoing “Protein & Pantry” food deliveries to orphanages throughout Baja. This includes emergency aid to any group home in need. In addition, 5 designated orphanages receive a plentiful delivery of chicken and rice/pantry meals on a monthly basis. This provides a consistent starting point for them, so they can plan for the rest of their needs. Currently 1,200 pounds of food per month is delivered, and the goal is to double this in the next 6-12 months.

    • Miracle Meals – Our high-protein, vitamin-enriched rice soy meals that our volunteers can assemble themselves at high-energy Food Packaging Events. These “miracles in a bag” are formulated to combat malnutrition.
    • Chicken Deliveries
    • Fill The Pantry Food Collections/Drives
    • “PLC” – Protective Loving Care Development

    A2A assists with special projects  at orphanages in the areas of construction, structural improvements, renovations, and expansion — all in an effort to ensure that the facility is safe, sound, and meets DIF (Mexican Social Services) certification requirements. Our PLC program also supports orphanages with staff hiring and training, to ensure that  the highest quality of care is being provided to the children.

    • Safe Shelter Construction/Improvements
    • Staff Support & Training
    • Angel Dreams – A project dedicated to dorm construction, and providing beds, mattresses, blankets, bedding and pajamas so that children feel safe and secure at night (which can be a lonely, scary time for them).

    Angels 2 Angels Key Initiatives/Programs continued

    • Holiday Miracles

    A2A will help make the holidays special for the children including at Christmas Miracles, Easter, Valentine’s Day Angel Hearts, and coming soon, birthdays.

    • Angelitos (Little Angels) Nursery Program

    A2A is committed to helping the infant/toddler nursery program at Beginnings at Siempre and other group hones that care for these precious little ones. Beginnings is the second largest facility, and one of two that the Mexican government brings abandoned babies, and we support them by helping provide the means to do so, with diapers, baby supplies, formula, blankets, etc.

    • Angel Giving – Recurring Monthly Contributions

    Become a recurring monthly A2A supporter and help us assist the group homes with emergency aid, education and sustainability programs. Monthly giving allows us to work with the orphanages on long-term plans.

    • Angels of Mercy Provisions Distribution & Deliveries

    A2A effectively distributes assorted provisions to orphanages on a needs basis, including toiletries, socks, used and new clothing, shoes and jackets, housewares, sports equipment, etc.  We also distribute these through children’s centers and outreach programs in the most impoverished communities, including at the Tijuana Dump, where many families with children live in the poorest of conditions.

    • Angels In Action: Private Group Day & Weekend Service Trips

    A2A arranges for employee, school, extended family, or civic groups to come down to for an orphanage visit. It’s an opportunity to interact and share a meal with the children, run a service project, hand out donations, and more.  Overnight accommodations are available for weekend or week-long missions. For groups that don’t need travel coordination, but just need guidance as to where and how to serve, we can also direct accordingly based on objectives and available resources.

    In Development/Coming Soon:

    • Angel Healing – Health & Emotional Therapy Programs
    • Art and Recreational/Sports Programs and Support

    Angels 2 Angels will continue to develop programs to ensure long-term sustainability at our partner orphanages. Additional programs may include Agriculture, Water Wells/Water Filters, Systems and Income Management Consulting, and whatever else is determined that will make sustainable impact.

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