Sponsorship is key to helping us provide stability and ongoing support to the orphanages. The goal is to ensure top quality Protective Loving Care, where children are safe and secure, are provided nutritious meals and a warm bed, and have access to education. We want to make sure the kids are brought up in a loving, family atmosphere that encourages personal dignity, hope and purpose.

Miracle Making Sponsorships – 3 Ways:

Sponsor A Meal – “Miracle Meals”

$40 will feed an entire orphanage a hearty nutritious meal complete with both fresh chicken and our vitamin-enriched high protein rice

 “Miracle Meals.”  While $10 will feed them just a “Miracle Meal” fortified rice-soy stew, which can stand alone as a healthy meal option when pantry resources are low.

Sponsor a meal one time, or set it up to provide on a monthly basis.

Sponsor A Bed – “Angel Dreams” Dorm Program

$250 will provide a complete bed, mattress and bedding for a child;

Or $100 will cover the most important part: the mattress.

When a child arrives at the orphanage in need of care, first and foremost, an available bed is needed. Some of the orphanages have the space on property, but just don’t have enough of mattresses, bunks or bedding to take in more kids.  In fact, we have two orphanages that currently are in need of complete beds, and one orphanage that needs 50 new mattresses. This simple item will allow these group homes to open their doors to more kids.

Sponsor Education - "Miracle Making" Student Sponsorships & "Wings" Scholarships

$95 covers a year of education for a child – or just $8 a month!

Our education sponsorships and “Wings” Scholarship programs provide the resources and funding needed to enroll and support the children in school.

The “Miracle Making Student Sponsorship” covers uniform costs, any special enrollment, testing or tuition fees, helps with transportation expenses, extra supplies. and when necessary, provides for remedial tutoring. This is a great opportunity to truly create a miracle for a child, as education is the best way to offer a sustainable future, and to break the cycle of poverty.

“Wings” Scholarships help send those who have graduated high school to a vocational training or University program to ensure they have employable skills and trades.
All education sponsors will receive a thank you card from their child with a scholastic update by the end of the first semester.

Remember when donating, please designate your specific area of sponsorship or giving.

Sponsorships are tax-deductible.

Committed to Orphaned and Abandoned Children

It’s all about Empowering and Equipping…Purpose and Possibilities.

Now and for Future Generations.

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